Hello from Frankie
Christmas 2005 and, on Christmas Eve, the children of St Joseph's were given a gift - their own website.

The website offered many facilities for the children: information about our parish and churches, about being a Catholic,
competitions, music, and even a weekly update ("Our Sunday Liturgy") sharing what the children had been doing in their Sunday liturgy.  The liturgy pages were a wonderful link for the children who could not regularly come to mass and also became a very good resource for those planning the children's weekly liturgies - in our own parish and from elsewhere!

"Frankie" (pictured above) was the guide dog of Paul, a former parishioner, and became the mascot of the original site helping to guide the children around.

Today this new website, continues to give a focal point for the children of our parish.

Hello and Welcome from St Joseph's

Welcome to our website for children. We know that not all our friends at school are able to come to church every week so this website is to help us share with all children what happens here at St Joseph's. During term time there is a children's Liturgy at the 10.30 am mass on two our of three Sundays.  We also have a monthly Children's Mass and afterwards there is a get together in the parish centre for kids and grown-ups. There are pages about all sorts of interesting things that we do here at the church and you can send us messages on our Guestbook page or Contact our Leaders if you have any questions.

Do you enjoy reading about us and sharing our news.

Projects and places we want to share with you
  • Mother of Peace Community Zimbabwe

    Mother of Peace Community look after over 150 (92 under 5s) AIDS orphans, caring for their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.Over 25% of the general population is HIV positive, leaving many children as head of household. Due to runaway inflation, basic items are unobtainable or come at a huge cost, so small things make a real difference. Through our liturgy Advent projects we have raised enough money to build two half-way houses, as well as provide the children with useful resources and things they need.

  • Our Mosaic

    Over the summer of 2006, we made a mosaic picture out of beads, buttons and things we found on holiday. This was to remind us that God is everywhere. Our leaders were so pleased with the finished mosaic that it was framed and hangs on the wall at the back of St Joseph's church.

  • Our Parish

    This is one of the stained glass windows at the back of our church. It is St Joseph teaching Jesus carpentry and there are lots of colourful pictures in the glass windows.  Visit our parish website to find out more about the parish. You can read more about our parish by visiting the parish website.

  • St Joseph's Primary School

    This is our local Catholic primary school and many of the children who come to our church go to this school.

  • St Paul's Secondary School

    This is our local secondary school.  When we are 11 years old we can go to this school.

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